A little backstory

We have always been passionate about creating things. It all started with games, then websites, graphics and we even started exploring business tools in the past few years. No matter what's your vision we make it. Anything for the thrill of creation, while shipping top notch performance so you never have to worry about sitting there looking at a loading popup nor steep learning curves.

Fast, Impactful and Easy to use

These are the 3 key factors that are driving us. The very things that are pushing us to try and revolutionize everything we work on. There are so many tools out there that are old, slow and difficult to use, and our sole goal is to change that. The simpler your life is, the happier we are.

Things we do...


Every business needs a cool website and not just businesses. If you want to start a blog, show off some awesome things you made or just have a place to write about something, you need a website. This is the part where we come into the picture. You tell us your vision and we make it come true.


Websites needs to store all their files somewhere and needs to run a bunch of stuff in the background. Lucky for you Nockhost is launching in February 2023. If you are the more tech savvy type of person, you can manage it yourself, but no worries, if you want to save yourself the trouble of managing one more thing, we'll just take care of the technical stuff. Now isn't that great?

Custom made apps and tools

Inventory management? Orders? Production? HR? You name it, but you may need tools to be able to run your business efficiently and not just big businesses. You can save a ton of hassle with customized apps and tools even in the smallest of businesses. The more success you have the happier we are, so just drop us a call or an email, and we'll figure out the best ways to optimize your business.


Need some help?

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More cool things

Stay tuned, we have some awesome things launching throughout 2023


Launching in February 2023, Nockhost is our very own Webhosting service to provide you with the best hosting solutions and make it as easy as possible


Launching in Q2 2023, NOBA is our module based, high performance and easy to use ERP and HR solution. You can customize it all you want, so that you don't have to worry about a cluttered interface full of things you'll hardly ever use.